Why steam?





Steam cleaning is the only truly chemical free method of cleaning! Not only is it absolutely free of chemicals, it is better, faster and more effective than using most conventional store bought cleaning agents! Vapor molecules are extremely effective at lifting dirt and grime without leaving any trace of residue behind! Goodbye toxic chemicals, residue and odor.




The initial investment will pay off many times in the long run. Save on cleaning agents, pesticides, water, outside service companies for grout cleaning, carpet cleaning and even pest control for certain invaders.




It is impossible to overstate the value of cleaning with steam when you compare efficiency. Vapor Clean machines are so easy to use, typical cleaning jobs are enjoyable and tough jobs become as simple as point-and-shoot. In fact, there are no tough jobs for steam, it is that effective of a cleaner!




Effectively sanitize your home and business, while killing mold, mildew, dust mites and more.

Remove triggers that cause asthma, allergies and reactions to natural occurrences or chemical reactions.

Asthma and allergies are increasing at an alarming rate in our society. How can any method of cleaning be better than a Dry Steam Cleaner for allergy sufferer, or the chemically sensitive!